hi everyone. i just joined this site and im loving it.. i am taking my teas test in a few weeks and im very nervous about the science section. can anyone inform me on what to study. Do i need to know body parts, cells, etc..?... Read More

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    how do i get to the sticky for Teas test help

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    Same question: How do i get to the sticky for Teas test help?
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    hi everyone
    can someone help with one of the science question that i remember from the science portion: the mRNA translation, there were three words: valine, proline, alanine---I think.... but i could not figure out how to solve it; can someone help me........thanks
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    hi im kinda confuse is TEAS and A2 are almost the same exam needed to take to get accepted in nursing program? coz I already took my TEAS or do I still need to take A2 after I finish all my nursing pre-reqs subjects?

    Thanks for reading this. Any response is highly appreciated!
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    Wow i have my ged from medical assistant school and my gpa is 3.8 so are u sayn dont waste my money on buying those study guides just go take it 1x and see what happens... Or just go to the sites u posted and i should be fine im really nervous and i have to get into this lpn program.. I took anet test couple years ago i did no so good i came home and cried
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    I need help with the information comprehension portion of the TEAS. I would appreciate the help of anyone who can guide me through. Thanks.
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    Moved to TEAS Exam Help

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