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  1. Hi! I am trying to get into Rassmussen College here in Fort Myers, FL. I have to take the TEAS test to get into the program. I can't afford the ATI study guide right now but I do have the kaplan nursing school entrance exams book. I only have two weeks to study for this test and I am freaking out to say the least. I have the WORST test anxiety and I really would appreciate it if someone could help me in just getting the process of studying going. Meaning I have no idea what TO study and I feel like I'm going to study the wrong information. I can't fail the test, it isn't an option. Please and thank you, I'm also new here at allnurses.com!
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  3. by   brn14me
    I had just completed the TEAS this morning and did considerably better than I had expected.

    I had taken a practice test first and would highly suggest it, if you can. That way you will know exactly what is on it and how you'll stack up.
    Reading was first, and it was basic. Read a passage and answer a few questions about it. What is the purpose of the passage? Which sentence is opinion? etc
    Math was next and it was up to basic algebra. Factoring and polynomials, reading graphs, order of operations, etc.
    Science was the killer for me. Luckily I just finished A&P 1. Biology, Chemistry and Physical Science questions were on the test....Mitosis, RNA/DNA, periodic table, etc.
    English and Language Usage was next....this was pretty basic as well.

    Good luck with your test! Hope this helps.

    Do you know what they consider to be a grade of Passing?
  4. by   catkonosky
    Congrats! I do not know what the grade of passing is. Which also makes me extremely nervous so I will look into it! Thank you so much! Hopefully I pass
  5. by   umbdude
    If you can't afford the ATI Guide, you definitely should make use of Quizlet (do a search there for teas v). The cards pretty much cover the major topics that you'll need to know straight from the ATI manual. And you can dig deeper into the topics that you're not sure on by using Google and Khan Academy etc.
  6. by   MrsBreeFlanigan
    I took the test this past Tuesday. I knew several people who took it and passed w/o studying, so I didn't study either. I was not so lucky! I failed math & science. I would recommend doing any kind of review you can get your hands on..... The math portion was not that difficult in retrospect, I just didn't remeber how to do any of the problems.
    It's not so hard if you study hard, so use any free resource you can!
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