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  1. Hi all! I'll be applying for SCF's nursing program this September (2017). I need to take the TEAS VI and I'm trying to plan ahead so I can study properly. ATI offers different packages for study materials and I'm a little torn on which to purchase. Money is not an object for study material, I really just need to pass this entrance exam so I can start in January. I am giving myself enough time that if I happen to fail I can retake it 3 months later and still be able to apply in September. I get severe test anxiety and have a difficult time retaining information when I'm testing. Would you all be so kind and help me decide which study package is best (they range from roughly $50-$210). Please share your experience and the best way to study for this exam. Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
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  4. by   ocean43
    I purchased ATI study guide plus their practice exams both A and B. unfortunately i failed the test by 1 point. I'm on remediation to re take the exam next feb. I really can't tell you what the best study guide i also have the secrets book by mometrix. Id say use as many resources as possible and refer to your anatomy and physiology text books. the science section is very in depth. good luck
  5. by   Dianx3
    Hi! I definitely think you should get the ATI teas package. They offer two practice tests formatted just like the teas. I took the teas V last year for a program but had to take the teas VI for a new program I am applying to. I bought the V test pack so I still had the book and the practice tests are good for 2 times! I've done the practice test and they really help.

    For this exam, I went to barns and noble and purchased a TEAS VI book. I felt that generally the information on the teas is more or less the same. This book I feel though had better rationales than the ATI one. I did the practice tests in both the V and VI and the online ones I still had.

    As for the exam itself, for math they allow you to use a calculator. That portion became a lot easier but still know your basics and know your conversions. Get comfortable with word problems too. Just practice, most people I know freak out about the math like me since I suck but I did the best on that section. For reading I suggest looking over the authors purpose and themes/topics that's huge. Since it's the first part don't rush just breath and take it easy. For grammar I focused a lot of my study time because it can get very tricky. Know all the grammar rules lol and finally science. It's hard, a lot of A&P so know your systems in and out to the T. Know the basic mechanics and physiology of each system. Scientific method is important too.
    GOOD LUCK ON THE EXAM!!! Just remember to take a deep breath a lot of it is just nerves.
  6. by   Dream2bnRN
    If you don't mind, can you please share your scores for ATI practice exams A&B. I just took the teas and I'm waiting for results. I'm basically on pins and needles here! On practice A I got 76.6% the first attempt, second attempt 89.3%. Test B I thought was a lot more difficult than A, I scored 69.3. I'm really worried about my results at this point especially since I didn't do so well on practice test B. My school requires 62% to be considered, but the higher you get the better your chances. I thought the math portion was not to bad but science was a bit of a challenge. Language portion was also challenging. I think the teas was a lot different from the ATI manual material although there were a few common areas between the two. However, many people seem to think that the practice tests are a lot harder than the actual test. I'm wondering if there's anyone who has done fairly decent on the ATI assessment but failed the actual teas test.
  7. by   ocean43
    I scored in high 60s on both A and B and when i took them for second time scored high 70s. not sure if it was because i remembered the correct answers to some questions. but i felt that the actual teas was a lot harder than both A and B practice tests. i scored 61 on the actual test.
  8. by   Dream2bnRN
    Thanks for your quick response, I appreciate it. One more thing if you don't mind. How long did you prepare for the best before actually taking it? What subjects did you do well in and or not so well in on the actual test? again thanks for sharing your experience.
  9. by   ocean43
    I had 3 weeks to study but i only studied for 2 weeks. my weakest subjects were science and Language and grammar. Im placed on remediation and set to re take the exam in 10 months :/ im trying to figure out other resources.
  10. by   Dream2bnRN
    I got my results yesterday and I barely passed. I did good on all three subjects except reading. I had a very stressful morning before the test....the testing site Address was off by a digit in my GPS and I went to the wrong address. By that time I was 45 minutes away from where I needed to be. I was is panic mode for the duration of the drive. I also had my friend with me who was also testing. I felt horrible cus my mistake also costs her. When I got there it was 8:30. By the grace of God the started 30. It was 15 mins into the timer. Reading was the first test I took and my grades reflect that morning 48.9. I have never done so bad in reading, I've always done well on ATI practice assessment although I meet the requirement for the 2 schools I'm applying to, I'm worried that my chances are slim to none.
  11. by   ocean43
    As long as your program accepts passing score you should be ok. If not, will you retake the exam?
  12. by   Dream2bnRN
    I wish retaking the exam was an option but unfortunately my school only accepts the first passing score. You're right tho..there's still a chance....
  13. by   ocean43
    of course there is. if your school accepts only the first passing score they might have remediation options. I would consult with them. Good luck!
  14. by   Dream2bnRN
    That's a great idea! I will look into it. Thanks