TEAS computer or paper version?!

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    Hi fellow nursing students,

    I am currently trying to decide if taking the TEAS is better as a paper or computer version? There's always pros and cons to both versions but if anyone can recommend me the best road to take based on personal experience, that'll be great! Thanks!

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    If you take the computer version, you will your score immediately and proficiency level.
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    We had a discussion about this at clinicals. Take the computer. Easier to keep track of the time.
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    The paper is only available at colleges 4 or 5 times a year while online is most everyday. I think i'm going to take the online first, and then repeat it with paper and pencil. Keep in mind that some places with computers don't give you a paper/pencil, they give you a whiteboard and marker that's harder to write with.

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