Studying for my TEAS & the ACT?!

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    When do you think I should begin studying. I'm taking my ACT in December and I want to take my TEAS around the same time - but I want to fit in time to study for both my ACT and TEAS!

    I'm a Senior in High School and finally got my school down - that I'm POSITIVE I should get into (praying lol) . What do you think I should do? When to begin studying etc? Also how did you do on your TEAS?
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    Start studying now, you will feel more confident. Most of the material on both kind of go hand in hand. I made a 81% on reading and 86% on my math and a 22 on my ACT. The ACT seemed harder since it took the longest and its on paper where as the TEAS is on the computer and you know your scores ASAP!
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    Thanks so much I'm going to order an ACT prep and TEAS prep book today Thanks again!
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    I didnt know there was nursing programs that required you to take the ACT and TEAS at the same time.

    Anyways I took the ACT to get into a 4 year university and it was extremely easy and I'm not even a good test taker I got a 25 and took it once. I just bought a ACT review book and took the practice test in the book twice.

    For the TEAS I felt it was simple as well esp the Science and Math portion. Basic math and the science questions are easy if you have taken APK and Microbio within a year. If you havent taken college level science and I dont mean AP science classes in high school it might be a little difficult. I would reccomend buying the ATI TEAS study guide book and just focus on that. I just used it for the English portion cuz I suck in English. But the study guide overall I hear is very helpful so look into purchasing it since it pinpoints on key info. But get the ATI version since they are the one who creates the test.