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    i'm studying for the Teas exam right now. I'm planning to take it on the beginning of jan. Do ya'll think 2months to study the TEAS is enough time? I'm studying everday for an hour until jan... I heard it's really hard and i want to do really well. the required score is 71 for my school but i want to do better than that.... So do you think it's possible?

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    I would say yes. I studied for about 10 days and scored an 81.3% on the TEAS V. Not sure if that's the version you are taking or not. I spent hours pouring over the biology, human anatomy, and pre-algebra books I already have since I did not have time to purchase the official study guide. I also found some great videos that explained all of the mathematical concepts I had trouble with. I think if I had had 2 months I would have done A LOT better. Definitely stay on top of your weak subjects and you will do great! PM me if you would like the books and site I used. Study hard! Best of luck!
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    Thank you for the helpful feedback.. Yes I'm taking TEAS V.
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    If you are able to, review the ATI Review Guide for ATI. You can rent it from several websites or others have said that they found it in the library. For me this was the best insight into the test and in my case was almost exactly the same material as my test when I took it 2 months ago. Good Luck!
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    would you be able to provide me helpful websites to help me on the teas v? taken it twice already. any help would be nice thanks
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    Khan Academy is a really great website. It really made math very simple for me. To study up on DNA National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) - Homepage is great. The Purdue OWL is excellent if you need help studying for English or brushing up your skills. Those are some really good ones I know just off hand. Good luck!
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    thanks for taking your time out of your day to provide helpful links thanks happy holiday tflowers
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    Thanks for the info
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    you're totally welcome! Best of luck to you!!
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    Can anyone help me with the reading portion of the teas v. I find it so hard to understand the information and comprehension portion of the teas.

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