Resources for English section of TEAS 6

  1. I am wondering if anyone has any specific websites or resources they used to study for the English section of the exam. It's the section I am having the most trouble with.

    I haven't been able to find a consistently good website to practice the concepts discussed in the manual with.

    Thank you to all!
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  3. by   Duffy27
    There is an app I have been using called "ATI TEAS 6 Practice Test 2017". I got it out of the Google Play Store, not sure if it's on iPhones or not. It does a good job with the English sections (and all sections for that matter). If you make a mistake, it will explain why you got it wrong and will then make you answer it correctly a couple of more times before it lets you move on to the next learning section. They'll re-order the answers too so you just can't memorize where the correct answer was. This has been my favorite study tool so far, I'm not too fond of purchasing more books just to study for a test I'll hopefully only take once.
  4. by   Adaapacheco
    This is the url of where I have been studying. It explains to you your right/wrong answers.

    Question 36 of the English and Language Usage Practice Test for the TEAS

  5. by   TitilolaP
    TEAS Mastery app is good
  6. by   Destined4Nursing 2019
    I'm using this too<3
  7. by   Destined4Nursing 2019
    Linking Words: Cause & Effect - Intermediate English with Shaun #58 - YouTube
    This guy really breaks it down! Good luck to you<3 I'm studying as well!