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  1. Hey everyone, I am planning on taking the TEAS in a couple of weeks and I am studying my ass off!!! My question is, how long are the reading passages on the TEAS V exam? They don't seem to be to long in the study guides that I am studying off of but everything turns out to be different on the exam....anyone recently take the exam? Also, on the reading comprehension part, are ALL the questions based off of reading passages, if so how many?? Sorry for all the questions, I just wanna make sure I do my best on this exam because I want to get into a nursing program sooo badly!! thanks!
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  3. by   willowita
    The reading passages are about as long as those in the ATI study book. The reading comprehension section is not all reading passage questions. The questions are split like the ATI book: reading comprehension, following directions, being able to gather information from tables, charts, maps, index, table of contents, and the phone book.
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    thank you!! how did you do overall? Im kinda nervous about the science section =/
  5. by   1waitingpatiently
    The science section is pretty easy. Especially the human science questions. Anyway, I felt the actual exam was easier than the ATI manual and online assessments. Don't stress out. If you usually do well on multiple choice tests, you will do well. If you don't do well, google strategies for multiple choice tests. Review the basics for each section before you go in to your test.

    I got a 92. Good luck to you!
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    thank you!
  7. by   Determined2001
    Does anyone know what the required Teas score is to get accepted in Roxborough School of Nursing? I already took this exam for Abington but I would also like to apply at this nursing program as well. I got accepted at ADSON but they placed me on the waiting list b/c I was undecided at the time of my interview. I see their students did very good on the state boards wow they scored 100%.