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Has anyone taken the latest version, the TEAS V? My test is coming up April 6. I have the ATI version V study guide, and the McGraw Hill book. What should I be sure to study when it comes to the latest version of the test?... Read More

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    I took the TEAS V in January and signed up to take it again next month. Does anyone know if it will be the same exact test?!

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    I don't know the official answer to your question, but based on what I was told when I took my test, I would say the answer is no, not the same exact test. When the center was explaining the test before we began, he said that each person taking the test would have a slightly different test. In other words there must be a "bank" of questions and the test is generated to pull a certain number of questions for each category from each "bank". Therefore the same questions may, or may not be asked the next time you take the test.
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    When I took my TEAS exam there were two girls who were taking it for their second time and they both said that they had received the exact same test...but I have not retaken mine so I cannot personally verify it.
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    I'm gonna be taking the TEAS V at county in 2 weeks, does anyone have any feedback. Good tips, please....
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    Quote from LVN80
    I'm gonna be taking the TEAS V at county in 2 weeks, does anyone have any feedback. Good tips, please....
    If you have time to take the practice tests in the book, I would do it. You get alot of information on the wording of the exam and timing yourself.
    At the end of each section during the exam, relax and take that few extra minutes before going onto the next section. Good Luck!!
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    Well....i am at Ivy Tech/South Bend and with Teas V score of 82.7% and points from pre-req's(all A's)...I am sitting at 172.7/190. I could just . I applied to both ASN and PN (hoping for ASN). I am so nervous of getting a rejection letter I could cry. I know I have to wait until late May/early June for an answer...but I am just wondering if I should even waste the time of being hopeful...I guess all I can do is pray right?
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    hi I just took Teas version V today, it was very long. I used the Kaplan study guide and prepared for almost a month. I felt the math was very basic , english was not to long or hard, reading was a little hard to figure out what answer they were looking for and the science was either you know the stuff or you dont. I felt the science was all over the place. I passed with a 71% overall score, I needed a 40% to get in thr RN program at my school so I am relieved its over!!!
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    tly74, I get your degree of nervousness. Was same for me. Your total points and scores look impressive to me, but I'm not familiar with the program you applied to. How competitive is it? Have you heard anything about points and scores for other applicants? How many slots are there?

    I was every bit as nervous as you while waiting between the time I submitted application (1/31/11) and received notice 3 days ago. (I was accepted! Time to celebrate! ) You'll find ways to cope and the time will pass. I kept visualizing myself as receiving the packet with a letter starting with "Congratulations!", me in nursing scrubs and stethoscope around my neck, me in clinicals, etc. It really helped. I also started making preparations that I could move forward on in the event I was accepted. What classes (if any) to take this summer? FAFSA application.

    Good luck! You'll find a way to get through the next couple of months and hopefully you will get the best news possible!
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    KSRN2b...I have no idea how many spots are open (they won't tell us) and as far as scores...they've been in the low 70s for the most part but there are a few people saying they scored in upper 80s but didn't have all A' really, it is a guessing game and all I can do is wait. I guess at the age of 36 I just don't want to waste anymore time than I already have...also, I have read alot of people saying their adjusted individual science score was LOW, and in the event of a tie, they use those individual scores as tie-breakers. Thankfully I got 81%-reading, 80%-english, 93.3%-math, and we'll see! fingers crossed!
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    tly74, you can do it! Hang in there and report back when you hear your news. Sending lots of kind thoughts your way. I remember how hard the wait was!

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