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I took the TEAS test yesterday after two extremely intense weeks of studying and I got a 90.7%. Hurray! I was super excited and I felt that my hard work had paid off, so I thought I would share a few... Read More

  1. by   stewartfamily2010
    Thanks so much for posting this! I am definitely going to go with the ATI study guide. I'm just wondering if should I get the study manual which has two written practice or the study package that also comes with two online practice assessments? Is the TEAS exam given on a computer?
  2. by   KristinaT
    Yes, I guess my full explanations of what was on my test wasn't allowed--sorry! Rules understood now.

    As far as the questions regarding the test booklets--I think that the ATI is absolute necessary for you to know what will be on the test, don't get me wrong. It has 97% of what you need to know and the only section I thought was lacking was the science section. I have the McGraw "Nursing School Entrance Exams", which is not specific to the TEAS but has the same science section as the other TEAS specific book (my friend has one of those and we compared). I thought that after going over the science in the ATI book that then supplementing with the extra info in the McGraw was best. I think if you know those sections backwards and forwards then you're golden. I thought there was more chemistry related questions that just straight biology or anatomy.

    Sorry for the late reply, I didn't have notifications set up for my posts. I've changed that now so if you have questions then let me know.
  3. by   tom harris
    My two cents.

    For those who come on and claim that they scored above an 87 on the Teas and did so with just studying in two weeks, I rather doubt it. Microbiology and Organic Chemistry are not even on the Teas. To score in the upper 80's or low 90's is to be in the top 1 percent.

    Not saying that it isn't possible but you aren't the person to be giving advise to most of the per-nursing students that are having a difficult time passing the exam. It is a very difficult exam to pass and the average amount of time for those who did not just take the another standardized achievement test, it will take at least a month of constant study or three months to really do well on the test.

    Best advice, if any community college is offering a Teas Prep course, I would suggest taking it. Sadly, not enough of these courses are being offered. There are a lot of companies out there who will charge 1000$ or more to help with the Teas. These places wouldn't do so well if this test was easy to prepare to take. Other than that, be careful for the ATI teas prep is expensive but it is well worth the money to prepare before you take the exam. The ATI book is a waste of time and money. I purchased it and all I found were a lot of mistakes.

    Take a good two or three months to really review grammar,punctuation, vocabulary, reading comprehension, anatomy and physiology, basic chemistry, general science, general math, algebra and statistics. This is a very hard test and there simply isn't a way to magically get a good score. It takes time and effort to succeed.
  4. by   Eden111
    Thank you Tom. You seem to understand what the majority of us who struggle with TEAS. Almost everyone who shares their experience have scored high 80s and 90s. I have yet to come across someone here who said "look i did bad on my first try, I failed but this is what i did to bring my score back up." I seem to search the threads here but everyone's posts is about how well they did on their first try.
    I failed the first try and i am placed on remediation for one full year to study and re take the exam. although one year is a bit too much i feel that the more time the better.