Just took the TEAS V

  1. .....and got an 81.3%! My school's average is 64.3% so I am happy with my "advanced" score.

    I studied for about two weeks. I have taken microbiology, intro chemistry, basic biology, and anatomy 1 (retaking it this semester since I am not happy with my grade), college algebra, the required English courses, college algebra and stats. I have never taken physiology, physics, any sort of earth science, or organic chemistry. The subjects I have to work at the most are math and science (I am naturally better at reading and grammar/spelling), so I was pretty scared considering the science portion has the most questions.

    My suggestions for anyone who is stressed about having to take it:
    • ~I used the ATI Work book study guide and it was pretty good. It gave me a guideline of what to study for Reading, Math, and Language. I saw the problems in these practice sections on the actual test at least once. Science was a whole other ball park. I used the book but also went beyond that because I know there is so many possible questions for science. I studied hydrocrabons, cells (compenents, RNA/DNA, prokaryotes and eukaryotes), balancing chemical equations, chemical bonds, scientific method, taxonomical classification, basic anatomy (the body systems, parts of the heart), the periodic table (not memorizing it, just remembering why the elements are set up the way they are), protons/electrons/neutrons, polarity.

    • ~I used quizlet.com too which is an awesome supplement. I looked up pre made TEAS V flash cards on the website and those really helped. I figured the more I read and looked through, the better.

    • ~I bought a giant white board and wrote out everything that I did not understand. I wrote in my own words, made mnemonic devices, and drew pictures. I considered it "teaching myself" because I am a visual learner so all that visuality and color helped. Last night I made a list in a notebook of the "topics" on my white board and then erased the whole board. Then I went down the list and rewrote what I could remember about that topic. This showed me what I really knew well and what I needed to review one last time.

    • ~I went to bed last night at a decent time and woke up today after 9 hours of straight, deep sleep. I ate a good breakfast and skimmed through my work book once more. I did not cram and after the once over, I put the book aside and did not pick it up again (this was at 9:30 am and I took the test at noon).

    My advice is:
    • ~take the TEAs after you have completed most pre reqs or had an extensive review of the topics. Most of the stuff on there I had learned and remembered from my pre reqs.

    • ~try taking it during summer or winter break. It was easier for me to focus on studying for it because I was not working on assignments for school (my fall semester starts a week from today).

    • Finally, BREATHE.

    I hope this helps someone in some way. Just wanted to share my experience
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    Congrats!!!!! Im hoping to get a score like yours!!!!
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    hi everyone,
    i big time problem with reading. i passed biol,english gramar and math with 90% but reading is killing me .i need some books or websites where i can find practice questions.Need help!!!
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