Ivy Tech Fall 2017 Applicants - page 2

Hey guys! My name is Kadijah. I'm creating this forum to see if there are anyone applying for the Ivy Tech nursing programs the fall of 2017. I figured we should find a place and communicate with... Read More

  1. by   jstorm
    I have 55/60 prerequisite points and 81/100 TEAS so 136/160 total. I'm hoping to get admitted to the Columbus campus, but applied for Madison Indianapolis and Bloomington if I can't get into Columbus.
  2. by   37changes
    Hey jstorm ~ lots of folks here if you want to join in the discussion:

    Ivy Tech Fall 2017 Hopefuls

    Good luck!
  3. by   idryssa
    I applied for the program but am very nervous if I'll be accepted I had a 112/160 for my score, does anyone know if that is good enough?
  4. by   caitlindarrell
    I am applying for the Spring 2017 semester, my overall score out of 60 from my grades is a 50. I bought the teas study manual from the bookstore and I have been studying that I am just worried I will not score good on the Teas test. I am applying to the Gary and Valpo LPN and RN programs.
  5. by   Mtambala
    Hello! Did you get it to Kokomo. I got selected to Kokomo ASN, but my first choice was Anderson, Lawrence then Kokomo
  6. by   DiggyBigPancho
    Hi Mtambala what did you score overall to get into the Kokomo campus?