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Hey guys! My name is Kadijah. I'm creating this forum to see if there are anyone applying for the Ivy Tech nursing programs the fall of 2017. I figured we should find a place and communicate with... Read More

  1. by   jstorm
    I have 55/60 prerequisite points and 81/100 TEAS so 136/160 total. I'm hoping to get admitted to the Columbus campus, but applied for Madison Indianapolis and Bloomington if I can't get into Columbus.
  2. by   37changes
    Hey jstorm ~ lots of folks here if you want to join in the discussion:

    Ivy Tech Fall 2017 Hopefuls

    Good luck!
  3. by   idryssa
    I applied for the program but am very nervous if I'll be accepted I had a 112/160 for my score, does anyone know if that is good enough?
  4. by   caitlindarrell
    I am applying for the Spring 2017 semester, my overall score out of 60 from my grades is a 50. I bought the teas study manual from the bookstore and I have been studying that I am just worried I will not score good on the Teas test. I am applying to the Gary and Valpo LPN and RN programs.
  5. by   Mtambala
    Hello! Did you get it to Kokomo. I got selected to Kokomo ASN, but my first choice was Anderson, Lawrence then Kokomo
  6. by   DiggyBigPancho
    Hi Mtambala what did you score overall to get into the Kokomo campus?
  7. by   Reece0099
    Did you get accepted?
  8. by   Reece0099
    Have you been accepted?