How to prepare for the science section? I'm having a hard time understanding it....

  1. Any advice?
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  3. by   stephanie.
    What are you using to study? I used the ATI book the first go round, reviewed the items I missed on my first test. I also got the Nursing exams for Dummies and the McGraw Hill teas prep book. They contain some info you wont need but the practice tests helped me a ton. I thought the ATI practice test were overpriced and not good enough. JMHO.
  4. by   rafaeia
    For me, I thought that finishing my science prereqs before taking the test really helped. Also I gave myself plenty of time to absorb the science section.

    Also, I used the ATI study book. I studied only 1-2 pages a day in the science section so that I didn't get overloaded, and paid attention to all the small details. Review often. And when I didn't get a science section I just kept staring and re-reading the section until I finally got it. (one part in the science section took me two days just to comprehend it. lol) Time and persistence is key, I think.
  5. by   AngieGrube
    I'm currently studying for my teas test as well and I'm also on the science section in the ATI study manual and running into the same problem with understanding some of it. I am terrified of this test and there are so many terms. I think I'd feel better if I knew how in depth this test actually was. Do I need to memorize every single term in the science section? I just currently did a practice problem about taxonomy and although I get the jist of the explanation that was given when I got to the practice problem it asked me to match up the options with the correct classification. Easy enough right? Except they were words that weren't even in the description of taxonomy. An ex is Species Ursus arctos which apparently matches up with the answer Grizzly Bear. Problem is I have no idea what Ursus arctos is nor does it explain it. How in the world can I do those kinds of problems without any explanation? Can you give an idea of how in depth the test actually is? Was Nursing exams for Dummies a little easier to understand?
  6. by   stephanie.
    The science section basically asks general questions from various categories. Nothing too deep with chemistry or earth sciences but the anatomy can be a little tough.
  7. by   Guy in Babyland
    I watched youtube videos on the parts of the cells and mitosis. They were very helpful in explaining it better than the ATI book.
  8. by   karenthula
    You need to know DNA, mitosis vs meiosis, orders, cells, protein synthesis, water cycle, kinetic vs potential energy. periodic table, how to balance an equation( which was hard as i haven't done chemistry) Hope this helps