How much schooling?

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    How much schooling have you completed before taking the TEAS V? What college level classes would you recommend before taking it?

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    I haven't taken it yet, but my adviser suggested taking A&P I and II and chemistry first.
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    In my opinion it's basic high school stuff with some A&P. study the basics from the book
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    You dont have to have any BUT micro, chem, math, anatomy and english classes would be ideal if you need to brush up on those sections...the math is very simple pre-algebra math...make sure you get the ATI TEAS study book. It will help you a lot. Having taken micro right before I took the TEAS all depends on what your school requires as pre/co reqs too
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    I am taking a basic A&P class right now, I will be taking an algebra refresher, CHEM 1, intro to healthcare and CPR/First Aid for the medical worker starting in May. I have to take the TEAS V by mid July.
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    You should be good then...just buy the ATI book and study it
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    Going over the beginning practice tests now, so far I have a 100%! Can we use a calculator in the test?
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    I just did the first 4 practice tests, I had the most trouble with the english & language section and a close second to the science. Lucky for me I have till May to take the TEAS V for the first time and Aug if I need to take it a second time.
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    No calculators are allowed so make sure you are not using it for thr practice tests so you are efficient without it! I think most people struggle with the science. Reading through the book helps!

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