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Hi Everyone. I posted this in another thread. I thought it might be helpful to post this for all to see since I see so many questions on the TEAS V every day. This is a breakdown I did of all the important topics I see in the... Read More

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    Thanks you are really helpful
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    I was wondering what classes you suggest taking prior to taking the TEAS V? I plan on taking my first attempt in August and my second in September (my score is due by October 1). College wise I have taken English, Composition, Lifespan, Psychology, US History, and English Lit. I intend on taking A&P 1&2 this summer, and if I can I plan on squeezing Biology in there, and Chemistry in the Fall (which won't be taken in time for the test). I was wondering if you still see me doing good considering my situation. I am a bookworm and plan on studying for the TEAS V beginning next week. So I'll will have a good 5 months before my first try at the test. I read over what you said is on the test, seems like general high school knowledge to me. Would like your opinion please!