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Hi Everyone. I posted this in another thread. I thought it might be helpful to post this for all to see since I see so many questions on the TEAS V every day. This is a breakdown I did of all the... Read More

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    Made a study guide out of all the posts here, studied for about an hour a day for about month and got a 77.3%. The average for my testing group was 70%, and the national is 64.3%. I'm okay with my results. Thanks for posting all this helpful information! Good luck to all the others!

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    So when it says percentile rank- program is that meant for everyone that took the TEAS V for the same program and at the SAME SCHOOL? I have been curious about that?
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    no it's not enough!
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    Thanks for the awesome post! I used this, along with XYnurse9999's post. My goal was to get a score that was over 90%.

    3 months before the test, I was nervous. I knew I needed to begin studying NOW if I wanted to do well. (for me, I need that long term studying haha)

    First of all, I prayed to God because I didn't know how to start. For some reason after that prayer, I started waking up at around 5-6AM every day. Since my class started at 9AM, I decided to use this morning time to study. I also was sleeping earlier after that, so I didn't feel tired.

    I started with the science portion, the most intensive one. I studied 2 pages every day. Just two pages. It's not hard when it's bite sized.
    I made flashcards; I made questions out of every useful sentence in the science section. Then I did that with the other sections, studying 4-5 pages each day... cause they were easier than the science section.

    I studied for around 1-3 hours each day for those months. Sure, there were some days that I didn't... but I tried my best to be consistent and show up to study. I bought the practice test A & B, and got 72% and 78% on both.

    Also, I bought the ATI study guide and the McGraw practice tests. (I kept scoring around a 78-82% in the practice tests in both books Dx)

    The test was last Saturday. It was alright... Then i got my score today. I got a 92%~ hurrah. All those studying paid off.


    Reading, math and grammar - pretty straight forward,just go over the ATI sections and the McGraw tests, learn from the mistakes you make, so that you know what to go over. The math section was a bit tricky, had a couple of word problems... get some outside practice. It's pretty straightforward. I felt like the McGraw really helped me best in the grammar and structure section, and science of course.

    Good luck everyone!! You don't get great things accomplished in a big swift step, it is the build up of small steps that really counts. Just take the first step, and keep walking. Persistence is your friend.
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    Ok....This might be a stupid questions....But I always read books and I always to my homework do bad in tests. I got the kaplan book for the tease v and I have reviewed it. The math freaks me out since it has al ot of geometry, and algebra problems and I am not good in math. So if I understand the way to study is take the sample test of course review your errors and basically practice the same test over and over. Kind of memorizing the test. Read the science questions and understand and take practice test over and over. And of course focus on the areas listed on the thread. This might be a stupid question but not all of us have the skill set for standardized test.

    I do great on essays test but standardized test are not my thing. My gpa is over 3.5 so I am not dome.. But since I always do poorly on standardize test I am worried. I really want to be a nurse the school I am looking at only gives one chance to take the test and the scores must be over 85% or more to be considered. Since this is my second degree I can't screw it up. My last gen eds are math & stats for a bsn. Iknow hard work and prayers works too.

    For direct advice email me at

    Thank You and god bless
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    Not sure if this was mentioned somewhere else in the thread but is also great, really helped me a lot for math!
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    I will be taking the Teas test June 4 and currently also studying for finals... OVERLOAD but just trying to plug away at it a little each day. Thank you for posting this!
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    Has anyone taken the teas 5 recently I am taking it in July so worried
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    Thank you so much!! I like when we future nurse help each other. I will post any unsaid info I come across! Thanks again!
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    Thank you for this, eagles wings! Will use it as a study guide along with the ATI and MGH books. Happy studying everyone!

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