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    Did anyone take the Teas-V test for Bishop State Community College in Mobile Al., and if so was it hard or fairly easy. I plane on taking it the 29 of September. Thank U

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    Hi, I am taking the test on the 21 of this month. I dont no how its going to go but I did order the study guide from the atitesting website, so I hope it will help. Are you applying to get into the nursing program that starts in january?
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    I took it on Aug 27th for Austin Peay State in Tennessee. It was a lot more difficult than I expected. Order the study guide. Once you have it, spend the $30 to take the online test from ATI's website and study what you miss. The questions are VERY close to what you'll see on the test. Good luck!
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    Yes I do plain on applying for January, but I have not filled out my applications yet. I'm waiting to see what my test result are going to be first.
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    I am already and Lpn and was going to apply for their bridge program. Are you applying for the day or night program. Do you know of anyone who has gone thru the program? I would like a little insite on the nursing program their. I have read so many different reviews about this school. But I do understand that Nursing school regardless of where you go is what you make of it.
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    Yes I'm applying for the LPN night program. The bridge start in the summer from what I was told. I do not know anyone personalty who went threw the program, but from what I heard, it was was fairly easy to them; because,they gain that experience from being a LPN already, but just like any school it is what you make of it. Good Luck
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    Did you take the exam on September 21? Do you remember the reading topics? I took it a week ago, but I did not pass the reading, and my science score is very low. I will take it again. Where did you take it? Anyway, I hope you did very well.
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    No I take it Sep.29
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    God bless you in your exam! Study as much as you can. Can I ask you a favor? After your exam would you please tell me the name of the topics in the reading section. You are taking the teas exam version V don't you?
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