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Failed the TEAS :( - page 3

Hi everyone, I took the TEAS V yesterday and failed it with a 68% overall score. I did ok in the reading and math portions, but did horrible in the science and Language usage portions. Does anyone... Read More

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    Each college has their own minimum test score for admission, in Washington State- Bellevue College is minimut 74% and Seattle Central Community College is minimum 75%. You are allowed to take it 2-times per session/year so if you did not do well the first time i suggest you take it a 2nd time and focus on the area you scored least. The test result will tell you exactly which subject to focus on and will even tell you the page # to study on the ATI Review book...hope this helps.
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    I did not do very well on the TEAS V exam. I received a 54.7%. I do not know what went wrong but I am better than this. This was my first attempt so I am not giving up. I have been on the Deans list each semester but obviously I was not prepared for this test.
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    Well.... it looks like i will not be applying to the ADN program this go around. I scored a 69.3% and needed a 70%. The good news is I have a very good chance of getting into a local LVN program. Good luck to everyone else as you take the TEAS test and apply to your programs.