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Hi everyone, I took the TEAS V yesterday and failed it with a 68% overall score. I did ok in the reading and math portions, but did horrible in the science and Language usage portions. Does anyone... Read More

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    Some say that the Science section in the study guide is proficient, I don't agree. I read over and took notes over it and still wasn't doing well on the Science practice questions, So I got McGraw Hills Nursing School Entrance Exams to help. I feel it gives you a better understanding of the science and it covers the same areas that are in the TEAS V. In the front page of the TEAS book it tells you how many questions are on the test and how many questions in each subject they're gonna ask you. Go on youtube and watch a few videos. I found those to be help as well in letting you know what was going to be on the exam. There is also a site called kahnacademy that helps in all subject areas, and it may give you a better understanding of some of the areas of science. I take my Test Feb 13! Also take a few of the TEAS V practice tests from the ATI site, and there is a site called Benchprep that gives TEAS V practice tests.

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    I recently took my first TEAS V exam and I failed.
    I got a 51.9% and need a 62% I only had a week to study because that's what the school had given me a weeks worth to study for the exam. I have now entered a remediation plan before I take the TEAS V once more. Any advice? This test is really important to me because my spot for the Rio Hondo nursing program is secured so long as I pass the exam
    thank you.
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    What websites had the practice tests? I've been looking and cannot find any.
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    Quote from Mantequilla8
    What websites had the practice tests? I've been looking and cannot find any.
    You can purchase them on the ATI website
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    Tomorrow is D-day and I am so nervous. I have studied all that I can and now I am just trying to remain calm and not get myself stressed out. If I dont do good this time I will not be able to apply to the ADN program.
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    Each college has their own minimum test score for admission, in Washington State- Bellevue College is minimut 74% and Seattle Central Community College is minimum 75%. You are allowed to take it 2-times per session/year so if you did not do well the first time i suggest you take it a 2nd time and focus on the area you scored least. The test result will tell you exactly which subject to focus on and will even tell you the page # to study on the ATI Review book...hope this helps.
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    I did not do very well on the TEAS V exam. I received a 54.7%. I do not know what went wrong but I am better than this. This was my first attempt so I am not giving up. I have been on the Deans list each semester but obviously I was not prepared for this test.
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    Well.... it looks like i will not be applying to the ADN program this go around. I scored a 69.3% and needed a 70%. The good news is I have a very good chance of getting into a local LVN program. Good luck to everyone else as you take the TEAS test and apply to your programs.

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