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  1. by   CarolesChoice
    Just yesterday, I was accepted into TWU's nursing program in Houston. (Thank the Lord!) To my knowledge there was roughly 900 applicants for a total of 235 spots. Three programs shared the 235 applicants.

    My TEAS V score was 68 (64 was the minimum to qualify) and my GPA was 3.639.
    Program Type: BSN
    Adjusted Individual Total Score: 68.0
    ATI Academic Preparedness Level: Proficient
    Mean - National: 64.3%
    Mean - Program: 70.6%
    Percentile Rank - National - 60
    Percentile Rank - Program - 40
    Reading Adjusted Individual Score 59.5%
    Mathematics A.I.S. 80.0%
    Science A.I.S. 56.3%
    English and Language Usage A.I.S. 90.0%

    In disclosing this information, I am hoping to encourage those who work hard, not to give up, even when you feel like you don't have a prayer. Look at me...I just barely qualified on my TEAS V, but still, I qualified and was somehow selected out of the 900 applicants to attend the program.

    Be sure you apply for your Associate in Arts Degree once your basics are done, and have it BEFORE you are scheduled to start nursing school. If you don't prove to be "core complete" (by literally having your Associate in Arts Degree), the nursing school can require you to take additional classes. Believe me, it almost happened to me.

    Also, be sure that ALLapplications fees and TEAS V scores are submitted on time or you will be disqualified.

    Keep the faith...and good luck!
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  2. by   NurseEric81
    @CaroleschoiceCongratulations! Good for you! As I've been told, the easy part is over! Enjoy!Eric
  3. by   CarolesChoice
    Yup, that's what I've heard Eric. My older sister and younger brother have both been through it. They said it's all you can do to just study. Forget about life as we known it, at least until we get done with nursing school! I do read and hear everywhere, though, that you don't have to be super smart to make it successfully through the program. Instead you must be a "hard worker." I say, "Good," that means I have a chance! (lol) Best of luck to you, Eric.
  4. by   staceym
    Program Type: BSN
    Adjusted Individual Total Score: 80.7%
    ATI Academic Preparedness Level: Advanced
    Mean-National: 64.3%
    Mean-Program: 70.6%
    Percentile Rank-National: 89
    Percentile Rank-Program: 79
  5. by   SunnyLVN2be
    Program Type: PN
    Adjusted Individual Total Score: 82.7%
    ATI Academic Preparedness Level: Advanced
    Mean - National: 64.3%
    Mean - Program: 56.0%
    Percentile Rank - National - 92
    Percentile Rank - Program - 98
    Reading Adjusted Individual Score 97.6%
    Mathematics A.I.S. 83.3%
    Science A.I.S. 66.7%
    English and Language Usage A.I.S. 90.0%

    I received my letter today stating that I was accepted into the LVN program!
  6. by   CarolesChoice
    Congratulations, SunnyLVN2be! Wishing you the best in the days ahead!
  7. by   andreacs
    Hi all! This is my first post. I just found out that I got accepted to my first choice program! Here are my TEAS V results:

    Adjusted Individual Total Score: 96.0%
    ATI Academic Preparedness Level: Exemplary
    Mean - National: 64.3%
    Mean - Program: 64.9%
    Percentile Rank - National: 99
    Percentile Rank - Program: 99
    TEAS Reading: 97.6%
    TEAS Mathematics: 96.7%
    TEAS Science: 91.7%
    TEAS English and Language Usage: 100%
  8. by   CarolesChoice
    Congratulations, Andreacs! Wow, you've got some incredible scores!
  9. by   andreacs
    Thanks! I'm lucky that I've always been able to do well on standardized tests.
  10. by   kansas_chick1234
    Congrats Andreacs! Did you take this test recently? I would love to hear some pointers and maybe what you think would help me in each section. If you could ever email me or tell us all how you got this amazing score that would be amazing! You must of obviously worked hard! Thanks so much!
  11. by   andreacs
    Thanks kansas_chick! I just took the test at the beginning of March. I think the thing that helped most for me was that my sciences were pretty fresh and so was my Algebra. I took Chem and Bio last summer and then A&P 1 in the fall and am in A&P2 now. I got a book of practice tests at barnes & noble, I think it was the McGraw Hill one, I gave it to a classmate so I'm not positive. I did all 5 of the tests in the book, and just reviewed the topics I needed help on. As for the reading/english parts, I have no advice there, I've always been a reader, it's how I relax, so those sections were easy for me. For the math, review fractions, I think there were some factoring type algebra problems, a few basic solve for x type ones. And one really irritating word problem that I STILL can't figure out how to solve.
  12. by   ERostk
    I took the TEAS on Feb 7th. I took the paper and pencil test and got my scores about 2 days later online. I got into my first choice program. Took the computerized HESI last weekend and am still waiting to see if my scores were good enough for my second choice school. I got a 91.3 on the HESI- much easier than the TEAS.

    Background information- I have a BA and a MA from NYU...changing careers and want to become a nurse for my second half of life.

    Here's the breakdown of my TEAS:
    Adjusted Individual Total Score: 84.7
    ATI Academic Preparedness Level:Advanced
    Mean - National: 64.3%
    Mean - Program: 64.9%
    Percentile Rank - National: 95
    Percentile Rank - Program: 96
    TEAS Reading: 90.5%
    TEAS Mathematics: 90.0%
    TEAS Science: 83.3%
    TEAS English and Language Usage: 76.7 - I only speak English and clearly I don't speak it as well as I do other things. Oh well, at least people understand what I say and write- to a satisfactory degree. HEHE - honestly, I have a MA from NYU if my language skills were weak I doubt I'd have a 3.8 GPA from there. I musta blanked out. oh well.

    Anyone take the HESI as well as the TEAS?
  13. by   kazaz0405
    [font="verdana"]programtype:[font="verdana"] adn
    adjusted individual total score: 75.5%
    ati academic preparedness level: proficient
    mean - national: 74.2%
    mean - program: 75.7%
    percentile rank - national – 79%
    percentile rank - program – 78%
    reading adjusted individual score 78.6%
    mathematics a.i.s. 80.0%
    science a.i.s. 66.7%
    english and language usage a.i.s. 76.7%

    i had to take the science portion a total of three times (i never went to high school so most of the concepts were lost on me). my first science score was a whopping 35.4% the second time around i almost passed with a 54.2% (in my school you need at least a 56%). finally, the third attempt i passed with a 66.7% which i'm really happy about because i had decided it was definately going to be my last try.