Do I need to take microbiology before taking teas? :( - page 2

hi guys, i just have a question about the teas and pre-req class. im trying to apply for BSN for 2013-2014. im going to take physio in fall 2012 and micro in spring 2013 so i can finish all the pre-reqs just on time. but the... Read More

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    I studied from the official ATI TEAS V study book. I thought it was in depth and very helpful.

    I only had 4 days to study so I made studying my full time job for those 4 days. I passed with an 89% so you'll be fine if you study in the summer and after your physiology class.

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    General bio and chemistry were covered extensively on mine. I don't really recall a micro question, but I'd say it's important to know about the "chain of infection" or whatever it's called.
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    I took the TEAS before taking A&P II and Micrbiology and got a very good grade. The science portion is mostly life science.

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