Best study guide books for TEAS!

  1. I'm looking for the best study guide books that are not very expensive. I'm taking the TEAS test next month and I want to study up.. HELP!
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  3. by   Tflowers34907
    Quote from eajohnson
    I'm looking for the best study guide books that are not very expensive. I'm taking the TEAS test next month and I want to study up.. HELP!
    I used a biology book I had from a college course I took some years ago. For the the math I used Pre-Algebra DeMystified by Allan Bluman ($20) which I also already had. It's a great book because it will built your skills from the ground up (the first chapter is on whole numbers). It also has a geometry section. Khan Academy's website was also a great help as I am a visual learner. I scored an 86.7% on the math and a 66.7% on the science after studying for around 10 days. You have a month so you should definitely do well.
  4. by   FutureFLRN2014
    I would get the McGraw Hill 5 TEAS Practice Test book from Barnes and Noble and I would also recommend TEAS Review Manual, Version 5.0 by ATI which can also be found on barnes and noble's website and can be rented, I just looked for $20. If you only get one thing I would suggest the ATI guide hands down! It was exactly what was on the test and I scored well in the high 80's and 90's in the 4 areas.

    Good Luck!
  5. by   chorkle
    Concur with FutureFLRN. Use the ATI Study Guide.

    If you're running short of time, read everything in that Study Guide; it'll help (even if you don't have time to 'take' the tests--just reading the answers to the tests, with expls., can be a help).
  6. by   Murse281
    I think It is best to use the TEAS study guide from ATI. everything in the study guide was on the test. If you do not want to buy it, most libraries have a copy or two. If they don't ask them and they might order it for you. I didn't use anything else.
  7. by   lorrainewhetham
    Also concur with others - the ATI TEAS V book would be advisable. You can purchase used on Amazon for about $40. Beware "Secrets of the Teas" if version V is not specifically mentioned - the version V is very different from previous versions...Brush up on your chem and your luck!
  8. by   dreambig2015
    Please get the Mcgrawhill 5 Teas Practice exams guide and the ATI study manual I bought about 8 books to study from but at the end the those two were the only ones helpful. Study the ATI manual inside and out as many times as you can. Really try to understand every topic carefully. Know the meaning behind the problems. Give yourself a good couple of weeks and you'll do fine.
  9. by   nurse_kath
    Found a decent list here: Best TEAS Study Guide | Best TEAS Test Book 217 - just make sure you're buying a Version 6 book, some guides that are still being sold are for V5.