ATI TEAS V Study Guide Bundle - worth it? - page 2

by SentimentalGeek

For anyone who has used the ATI guide for the TEAS, is it worth the money? I am considering asking for it for Christmas (the one that includes the two practice tests) but wanted to see if anyone who has actually used it thinks... Read More

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    Thanks for that! If the McGraw Hill book has more info than the ATI one sounds like the ATI practice tests with the book I already have may be the way to go. All replies are much appreciated!
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    I took the TEAS on the 16th and ALL you need is the ATI book and the online practice test! So in answer to your question, YES! It is absolutely worth it!

    Study the book and the only reason to look at another book is if the ATI book doesn't explain something to your satisfaction. It truly is a review of stuff we all (should have) learned through 12th grade. Although I never had all that Science in my education (Florida Public Schools).

    The real test is exactly like the online practice test! I think I even had a few of the exact questions from the practice test on my actual TEAS test.