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ATI TEAS V Study Guide Bundle - worth it? - page 2

For anyone who has used the ATI guide for the TEAS, is it worth the money? I am considering asking for it for Christmas (the one that includes the two practice tests) but wanted to see if anyone who... Read More

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    I used McGraw hill because it was the cheapest on Amazon and had good reviews, it also had multiple practice tests and had explanations for each question. I got 93% over all and scored in top 1% for my program, and top 1% nationally for all areas except Grammar, I scored in the top 4% or 6% on that one.
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    Hello there,

    I just wanted to add my 2 cents.

    I bought the ATI package (when it was on sale, about a year before my TEAS though). I didn't open it or look at it until two weeks before my test. (I don't recommend that, by the way.) I did as another poster did; I took the first online test before cracking open any book or study guide.I then worked on my weakest areas, took the first in-book test about 4 days in, reevaluated and studied, and took the second in-book test about 4 days after the first. I took the second ATI online practice 2 days before the real test.

    ATI Online Pratice Test A:
    Individual Total Score: 68.0%
    Reading: 88.1%
    Math: 56.7%
    Science: 50.0%
    English: 80.0%

    ATI Book Practice Test A:
    Individual Total Score: 79.3%
    Reading: 90.5%
    Math: 80.0%
    Science: 70.8%
    English: 80.0%

    I don't have Book Practice Test B scores anymore.

    ATI Online Practice Test B:
    Individual Total Score: 76.0%
    Reading: 88.1%
    Math: 66.7%
    Science: 68.8%
    English: 80.0%

    ATI Test:
    Individual Total Score: 78.7%
    Reading: 88.1%
    Math: 80.0%
    Science: 68.8%
    English: 80.0%

    The online practice tests were very, very similar to the actual test, and they were harder than the in-book practice tests. They prepare you for time management, AND they give you rationales after each answer. So I recommend them, definitely.