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ati practice teas v compared to actual test - page 4

If you taken the online how much higher or lower did you score?... Read More

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    I just took my TEAS exam today. I scored an 81% reading. I was frustrated because I had scored SO much better on the practice exams (85% reading, then 92% in reading) All I honestly needed was a 75, but after reading all these and putting the work in, I somehow scored lower on the actual test. I used the ATI practice assessments, free online test questions, and the manual (mostly for the math and science). It was only the reading portion that we took, but I was under the impression we took the whole test and they only counted the reading portion. My surprise when I learned it was just the reading we would be taking.
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    I have done one of the test it the back of book before I started studying. 58%! not good. I have been studyng the ati book only. for almost 3 weeks now.
    I am taking my teas test in one week. would you recommend spending the money for the ati practice test online? or just the ones in the book ?

    need advice. I need to pass the teas!!