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Hello! I'll be starting my RN program come August with the hope of eventually becoming a CRNA at some point down the line. Earlier today I was talking with a friend of mine whose aunt is a surgical nurse in South Bend, IN. ... Read More

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    Quote from bibibi
    900-1800 cost plus profit, which could be double that (which is great compared to other industries) is fair I think. Although, I still want to know what part of that 30-120 per minute is actually spent on salaries. You have 2 OR techs making 12-15 an hour, Anesthesia making 100-200 an hour, OR nurse making 25-30 an hour, and the surgeon. If you add everyone's salary it is 4 dollars a minute maximum (not including the surgeon). So how do you justify that 30-120 a minute charge being spent mostly on salaries. Most of it is equipment, markups that are not seen in any other industry, and others costs...

    And I agree with you, the payment system we have right now is unacceptable. It is unsustainable in the long run.
    Salaries and benefits make up approximately 65% of expenses. Which makes it the largest expense in the hospital. Different hospital systems will be slightly different, but this is an accepted statistic in US hospitals.
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    It's the location. You live in the Bay area where the cost of living is higher and you are working 4 twelves to attain that income.
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    Location is everything, one hospital in Nashville starts at $105k, but pays the insurance. No call no holidays no weekends. But they pay time and a half and overtime is offered frequently. Locum work pays more but much more but no benefits or malpractice is paid. If you are willing to move anywhere salaries are as high as $300k, such as a recent job on in Eagle Pass TX. Look at:

    Nurse Anesthetist Salary by State

    This will give a good idea what states have higher wages. Also look at:

    CNN/Money: Taxes state by state

    This will give you a good idea of overall tax burden.
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    I wouldn't think a CRNA would take a job paying 105. Why sell yourself so short? The MDA isn't making 105 while doing the same job.
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    That nurse salary by state is off at least in Alaska.
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    You may if you were going to get great experience to take you somewhere else or it was the only offer you could get or can't move. It is a shockingly low wage.
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    Is it off by being too low or too high?
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    Not sure what is going on in South Bend, but there is an MDA job posting there for 130-150. However, other parts of the state have postings for MDAs up to 600. In contrast, other areas of the state are offering W2 CRNA's up to 220.

    As for TN, in a state with one of the most expensive CRNA programs with tuition over 100... to accept a job which compensates only 105 seems ridiculous -- especially when there are MDA job postings in the area for 350+

    Again, why would you take a job that pays 1/3 what an MDA is making for providing the same services, level of care and same outcomes? There is somewhere else that will give you just as good of an experience and compensate you competitively.
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    What if you can't find another job? You take what you can find.
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    Quote from buzzgturk
    Is it off by being too low or too high?
    Too low.

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