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    Just had a quick question for all of you. I am going to be graduating from Anesthesia School in about a year and am starting to look for jobs (yeah!) Only concern I have is how to write a Resume/CV as a brand new graduate. Should I put in my jobs as an RN? What specific items should I include? Anyone have any samples? I would appreciate all input! Thanks.
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    I was wondering what does the CV stand for, I keep hearing that term.
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    CV= Curriculum Vitae.

    Here is a list of samples:
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    yes include your prior nursing positions. cv should have synopsis of positions held and include professional orgnaization memberships, honors, presentations and publications.

    resume writing by donna cardillo rn--lots of advice:

    resume versus cv: which is right for you?

    resume writing and interview tips for nurses from univ. of pennsylvania: updated 8/28/06
    job search prep: resumes, cover letters & interviews

    see: wondering why you can't get hired or promoted: resume + interview hints!
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