Is it worth taking MSN core classes to become a "competitive applicant"? - page 2

I am interested in applying to UNCG/WFBMC's Nurse Anesthesia program for next fall. They suggest taking 3 core MSN courses to make your application more competitive, however you can't take them unless you're admitted to a program... Read More

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    Quote from JennRN625
    I really wanted to use my employer's tuition reimbursement as well, but it seems as though I have to be enrolled in a degree program. Did you find a loop hole or did your facility not have that stipulation? Thanks for the insight!
    My employer only asks for grades and receipts showing what everything costs. They never asked about degree enrollment.

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    Thanks for the responses! I will definitely have to look into this further. I did see that at my facility, there is a time commitment of 8 months after the semester is over. Not an issue for me if I take summer classes, however. I don't plan to apply until next fall and most schools I've looked into don't begin until the following year after interviews are over.

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