Working While A CRNA Student

  1. I have been researching my options as a APN and I called a local CRNA school and I had a great conversation and I was suprised to hear that they do not ask their students not to work during their time there and they certainly do not have them sign anything that requires the student not to work. I am considering CRNA school at the same school I am interested in getting my BSN from but I would like to pick up a ew M-Shifts where I work. Thates where you can pick up a shift anytime 4 hours up to a 12hr shift. It's very flexible and I am already in the critical care unit and I plan to maybe pick up one 12 shift here and there just to have a bit of spending money. Does anyone else work Bid shifts or Part time? I was also told by a student that he just picks up shifts when he can he's labled as a PRN Nurse and he gets extra income with Bid shifts, he has three kids so he needs some money coming in. he just told me not to ever work more than two days a week. :spin:
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  3. by   AbeFrohman
    Lots of people a little bit in CRNA school. I don't know of any places that outright ban it, but most have rules that you cannot work 8 hours before and class or clinical and others things of that nature. Almost everyone that I know that's going to CRNA school with me is planning on work about 1-2 shifts per month up until clinicals start (front loaded program). I only plan on working for the first couple of months.
  4. by   loveanesthesia
    A school can not track every student to verify they are not working, so there is no point in signing a statement. That doesn't mean it's a good idea to plan on working. I've known a couple of students who tried it, and it had a negative impact on their performance. It took study time, and then they just didn't seem to want to be in clinical and were anxious to leave. That creates a bad impression in the clinical preceptors, the people who will be asked about you when you are looking for a job.