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Hello Everyone! I have just graduated from nursing school with a BSN and I'm currently studying for NCLEX. Since nursing is my second career and I'm already 40 years old, I was wondering where are the hospitals, cities or... Read More

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    Thank you Meebugg21!!! I am still looking for ICU and I won't give up!
    Got 2 offers across country in med-surg, but my dream is ICU and I will persevere!
    If anyone hears or knows of any jobs in ICU, ANYWHERE...please let me know. I have
    applied to numerous new grad residency, but still waiting to hear

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    Quote from PMFB-RN
    *** Oh ya, a number of times. I think the first time was when I was titrating nipride and intended to go from 0.5mg/kg/min to 0.6mg/kg/min and forgot the decimal point at the pump and set it for 6mg/kg/min. I had been working my butt off all shift and had to pee really bad. I ran out to the restroom immediatly after setting the pump. I came back to find half the nurses in that room and alarms going off like crazy. We almost didn't get that patient back. Nowdays I regularly run drips without a pump at all, sometimes without BP monitoring for short periods of time (transport and rapid response) but now the drips are good friends of mine, not scary monsters just waiting for me to make a mistake and kill some poor patient
    yes! mine was after I spiked a new bag of dopa...then couldn't figure out why my pt's HR was in the 140s, ST. I kept looking and looking and looking. Finally another nurse came in and found I had put the volume in as the new rate!!!! Thankfully it was short lived and calmed right back down once the rate was decreased!
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    Look in more rural areas in the south/midsouth. They have significantly fewer nurses there and often struggle to staff their ICUs.

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