What kind of computer?

  1. What kind of computer do most people get for school? I am hoping to attend Barry which I know is mostly online and I want to make sure I have a good computer to make it through crna school. I was planning on waiting to get a computer but my laptop just died last week. Any suggestions?? Thanks!!
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  3. by   WolfpackRed
    what does Barry recommend? also, I would contact the financial aid office to see what the requirements are to qualify for financial assistance/reimbursement on your computer purchase.

    to answer you original question, I bought a Dell Inspiron 17in screen laptop with i5 processor and 4Gb RAM/ 400 Gb hard drive. I am more comfortable with a Windows OS; further I felt that I would be able to keep this laptop for personal use after school is complete.

    Some people have Apple/Macs, but the biggest problems that many run into is the occasional problems when these students try to do presentations from their MACs onto the school's Windows based presentation software/hardware.
  4. by   btoddrn
    I have an ipad which I love for school. I tried printing out all the slides the first semester and then got an ipad second semester. It is so much more convenient. I don't have to waste paper or pay for ink cartridges. I also kept getting upset because slides were being updated after I would print them out. So now I just download the lectures right before class. It also saves sooo much room. I was concerned about being able to study off of it, but I have had no trouble doing so.
  5. by   RhinoRocketRN
    Just bought an iPad. Most students I'm in class with in the anesthesia track use them
  6. by   MeTheRN
    If you have another computer with Microsoft office, then an iPad would work. Formatting APA papers and power points on an iPad can be difficult. I personally prefer the MacBook pro. You can get basically any program on it now and the stability factor is amazing when comparing it to a pc. You would definitely keep the computer for your personal life after anesthesia school. They're very easy to update and don't get viruses.