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What kind of computer?

  1. 1 What kind of computer do most people get for school? I am hoping to attend Barry which I know is mostly online and I want to make sure I have a good computer to make it through crna school. I was planning on waiting to get a computer but my laptop just died last week. Any suggestions?? Thanks!!
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    what does Barry recommend? also, I would contact the financial aid office to see what the requirements are to qualify for financial assistance/reimbursement on your computer purchase.

    to answer you original question, I bought a Dell Inspiron 17in screen laptop with i5 processor and 4Gb RAM/ 400 Gb hard drive. I am more comfortable with a Windows OS; further I felt that I would be able to keep this laptop for personal use after school is complete.

    Some people have Apple/Macs, but the biggest problems that many run into is the occasional problems when these students try to do presentations from their MACs onto the school's Windows based presentation software/hardware.
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    I have an ipad which I love for school. I tried printing out all the slides the first semester and then got an ipad second semester. It is so much more convenient. I don't have to waste paper or pay for ink cartridges. I also kept getting upset because slides were being updated after I would print them out. So now I just download the lectures right before class. It also saves sooo much room. I was concerned about being able to study off of it, but I have had no trouble doing so.
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    Just bought an iPad. Most students I'm in class with in the anesthesia track use them
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    If you have another computer with Microsoft office, then an iPad would work. Formatting APA papers and power points on an iPad can be difficult. I personally prefer the MacBook pro. You can get basically any program on it now and the stability factor is amazing when comparing it to a pc. You would definitely keep the computer for your personal life after anesthesia school. They're very easy to update and don't get viruses.