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    Does anyone know anything about the Westminster CRNA program in Salt Lake City, UT? I've researched it online and it seems to be a quality program, but who am I to judge. I want to stay in this location, but at the same time I don't want to **** away my time and effort at an inferior program. Any input from CRNAs(maybe even graduates of the program) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.
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    I was also interested in applying to Westminster in order to continue to live in the SLC area. However, after I did my research nearly half of the clinical sites are out of state. So who's to say if you have to uproot and got to Idaho or Colorado for clinicals. This made me decide to look elsewhere.
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    I have also seen people say they are having a hard time finding work as a new grad crna in the area as well. I don't see any positions on gaswork.

    I would contact the school, see if you can speak to any recent grads and also research the program if you are worried about clinical sites, etc.

    good luck to you

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