USF CRNA starting 2018 - page 13

Hello Anyone applying for USF CRNA program starting 2018, where are you guys at with your application process? or any of you contemplating attending their DNP CRNA program that starts in May 2019... Read More

  1. by   walkerrn2015
    milk of amnesia thank you for the reply! I appreciate it, sounds like more waiting for all of us! bleh
  2. by   socalRN91
    Hey guys!

    I just got the call from Dr. Canale and she is recommending for admittance! So excited and can't wait!!!
  3. by   walkerrn2015
    I am in too!!! got this call this evening! yay!!!!
  4. by   socalRN91
  5. by   Thevigilante
    Congratulations everyone who got in. I have an interview in February. I don't know how many seats will be left. How was the essay? Is it a general essay about the nursing experience or a specific question