University at Buffalo-beginning Fall 2010 class!!! - page 8

Hello out there! I am trying to find out who will be joining me in theclass beginning Fall 2010 at University at Buffalo anesthesia program.... Read More

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    hey nat
    i gotta ask u 2 questions-
    1- I received an email on my U account that first week patho notes are available to print. do u have any idea where to print??

    2- classes starting august 30, where everybody is meeting for the first time and what time??


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    I'm am very interested in nurse anesthetist. Hello how are you? I am really interested in knowing more about the anesthetist program you attend at University of Buffalo. What was the lowest gpa of the student accepted in your class? Did everyone graduate that were accepted in the program? Were the teachers positive? How were the clinical sites and clinical instructors? Thank you so much.

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