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I recently submitted an application to Union and was hoping to find out more about their interview style. Any one heard or been to a Union interview in the past? Thanks in advance, David... Read More

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    Hey guys. Wow. It's been a year already. I remember myself this time last year. Extremely nervous! And it was all for nothing. The interview process at union is like no other. It is laid back, it's all about you. They want to get to know you as a person. Not how much you know about ballon pumps or caring for fresh open hearts. Think about it. What does a balloon pump have to do with putting someone to sleep and waking them up. It it two completely different lines of work. Just relax and be yourself. If you have any specific questions I will try by best to help. I was in your position and know exactly how you feel. JC

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    Thank you!! What questions do they ask? Do they want you to ask a question? Is it really going to be just 20 min?
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    Yeah, it wasn't that long. They have their shpill of questions. Come ready to ask some Q's of them. You'll be nervous, and that's ok, be a little confident too though.
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    JC really appreciate the mini pep talk, very glad to be invited to interview on 17th. That in itself is a big compliment and I am trying to maintain some perspective through this process. I have been watching this boad since you were applying so congrats on your accomplishments, I hope to be following along soon.

    I am driving down on the 16th too see some friends in Nashville and check out the area a bit. I heard Medina Schools are very good, any thoughts or other decent public schools? I have a 4th & 6th grader and that would really help me narrow my wandering around town Good schools will be a big consideration in this decision. THX
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    Mine is in on the 15th too At 9am yikes. where will u be coming from? I'm from florida. I will be flying in on the 14th and then renting a car to drive to Jackson.
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    I interview the 15th too! Coming in from Alabama. Mine is at 3:00. I wonder how many they are interviewing that day?
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    I know. I'm sure a lot. At Least you are closer to TN than me
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    Are you ready? it's time....,
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    Ready or not...it is time!! I'm pretty nervous. Hard to relax. How about you?
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    Good luck I'll be there on Thursday. If you made it this far I'm sure you'll be fine.

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