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UAB Interview Decision Letters/Emails

  1. 0 Does anyone know, a: when UAB will mail out and/or email letters stating what applicants got an interview for the class beginning in the fall of 2013, b: will UAB tell give you a "yes or no" answer regarding the opportunity to interview, or will those who are chosen to interview receive letters and those who are not receive nothing? Thanks!!
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    If like last year we will get an email if you get an interview around the week before or of Thanksgiving. If you don't get an interview you get a letter saying there was a lot of competition, blah, blah.
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    does anybody know how to get registered to practice as a registered nurse in UAE?
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    Thanks! So I take it you applied to uab last year?
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    I received an email on Friday (10/26/12) with an interview offer. I will be interviewing on November 28th. Prayers are much appreciated!
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    Received an email on 10/26 also. Will be interviewing on November 29th.
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    Good Luck guys! hoping that you guys can get in!
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    What component did you apply to?
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    I also applied to Birmingham
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    Quote from CCRN82
    I also applied to Birmingham
    Awesome! Good luck!