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I know there are so many aspiring CRNA's who are dreading the interview day. Let's make this thread the most resourceful for interviewing questions. So share interviewing questions that you had or maybe questions that... Read More

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    Let me start by saying that I rarely write reviews on products but rely on the people who do. I used this website to prepare for my interview and found it to be BEYOND helpful in securing an admission to a CRNA program here in S. FL.
    Here's what I remember from my interview and how I prepared.
    First, I went to Hugo Boss and dressed the part for interview day. Had a haircut a day or two prior. I arrived an hour early and let them know that during my interview. They seemed to appreciate that!
    The evening prior I spent going over information and leased a couple JAMA articles from the local library in case they asked me if I had read any recent research.
    That morning I went over my 12-lead stuff and some emergency drug info. over breakfast on campus. I stayed away from conversing w/ the others in the class b/c of their nerves (It was bad in there...). I stayed as cool as a cucumber and befriended one guy.
    Upon calling me for my turn, I made small talk w/ the person taking me to the room in case she was to interview me as well. It turned out I was interviewed by 7 individuals at a rather large table.
    LEAD your interviewers.......Every question that was asked was because of something I would say that would lead into the next question......I have experience w/ balloon pumps........Tell us about how a balloon pump works or the waveforms associated with it....etc...
    I lead them to talk about things in my particular field that I felt most comfortable about.

    Here's some of what I remember:

    Question 1: Tell us about your charge RN experience...

    Here's a diagram of a Heart, tell us about the insertion of a Swan, what are normal pressures for different chambers of heart, and how to tell if in the PA.

    A few troubleshooting questions about SVR numbers, what they mean and what would I do if they're hi or low.

    Diagram of EKG strip and asked to identify Bigeminy and what I would do about it. They want to know that you'll do a 12 lead first to r/o MI.

    ABG report and what to do about it.

    How have I prepared for CRNA school.....I've been taking classes at a community college and working on paying off all debt. Put babymaking on hold pending admission.

    Any other questions? I chose to ask about the phd program they'll be instituting.
    Also threw humor in there that I picked up on here and asked them when I'll be starting and they laughed!

    All in all, about 15-20 minutes. Make eye contact, project confidence, show body language interest!!!!

    Good luck!

    P.S. Thank you allnurses.......Couldn't have done it without you!

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    Please any new updated information on the interview process would be great!!
    Is there typically still a written test?
    Is there any hot topics they are focusing on?

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    I was asked a lot of Clinical questions:
    -What is precedex, propofol, labetelol, milrinone? Side effects? BP and HR changes form meds?
    -Normal numbers for PAP, Wedge.
    -Placement of pulmonary artery catheter (chambers of heart)
    -Complications of blood transfusions ?
    -EKG changes with hyperkalemia.
    -What is thrombocytopenia? Normal Platelet numbers?
    -Are there preservatives in PRBC?
    -What is an Action potential? Discuss sodium and potassium in ECF, ICF, depolarization, hyperpolarization.
    -Dead space, shunting related to alveolar oxygen exchange.
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    I have applied to Northeastern University in Boston, I haven't heard back from them yet but it has only been a few days. I am pretty confident that I will get an interview but I have heard their interview process is tough and intimidating. Does anyone have recommendations on a specific review book that could help me prepare for tough questions? My specialty is stroke ICU, I do not have any experience with swans or know much about them. I feel that hearts are my weakness area, so I would appreciate any thoughts on what to brush up on. Also, respiratory therapists manage our pts ventilators, so I also feel that I need to study this as well. Any thoughts or suggestions?
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    @ Kelly:
    A great book for hemodynamics is:

    Hemodynamic Monitoring: invasive and non invasive clinical application
    Author: Gloria Oblouk Darovic.
    Good Luck!
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    I have applied to Northeastern University in Boston, I haven't heard back from them yet but it has only been a few days.
    @KellyRNCCRN I was also invited to interview at Northeastern in Boston! Have you already been interviewed? Any tips or suggestions if you have? I'm doing everything I can think of to prepare...
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    @Kelly I was also invited to interview at Northeastern in Boston! Have you already been interviewed? Any tips or suggestions if you have? I'm doing everything I can think of to prepare...
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    Hey guys, gonna bring this forum back to life...

    I Sat for my interview yesterday. The experience was not near as bad as what I was expecting.

    I actually sat for 2 separate interviews. The first interview was with the president of the university and another head of the program. The president was a CRNA, DNP and the other was a PhD. The interview was very personal and very nonthreatening. I answered the basic questions as previously stated on this forum:

    Tell us about your RN experience:
    What about your experience makes you believe you would like to be a CRNA:
    How do you handle stress:
    What is your support system like:

    A few more questions like this. Very relaxed process.

    The next interview had to do with a patient scenario. I explained what was going on with my patient and would mention what I would do to correct certain aspects.

    When I would mention titration of a drip or anything to do with one of the medications my patient was on, I was usually asked about the cellular activity of that drug.

    For example: my patient was on Norepinephrine, I stated that the patient should be taken off of the Norepinephrine and started on Phenylephrine. The board then proceeded to ask me what I know about each drug to make me think this is the right thing to do such as Neo primarily effects alpha receptors and the patient will need to be monitored for reflex bradycardia.

    I was also asked a lot of questions regarding the hemodynamics related to my patient such as what I thought about the Cardiac index, CVP, PAP...etc and what I could possible due to fix any issues.

    After reading the forum I prepared myself for so many of the questions on Digoxin and dobutamin/dopamine...etc and didn't have any of them presented in my interview.

    Very interesting to see how different schools can interview is so many different ways
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    Can this thread be made a sticky?

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