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the SEE exam

  1. 0 Anybody out there know some good resources to use to study for the SEE exam (Self-Evaluation Exam)? my school makes us that this test offered by Pearson Vue. if anyone has anything that might help....that would be cool
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    I took the SEE for the first time last fall; I didn't study at all -- just wanted to get it over with and see where I stood. I take it again this fall prior to graduation. To study, I would recommend using the usual anesthesia textbooks or even Valley(their Sweatbook and Memory Master are awesome!)
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    Hi, the questions are similar to tests we have taken our A/P, pharm, and anesthesia principles courses. I will take them starting in the Fall.
    Good luck.
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    Just took the SEE in April. I studied Valley and Morgan and Mikhail. My class had to score a minimum and we all scored above 400.
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    Hi, I think we will be starting ours in January. Best of luck.
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    I was wondering how long it took for you to get your test results. and if it gave you a breakdown of the test.
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    It took about a week to get the results back. You get a cumulative score and it breaks down into specific categories, pharmacology, ethics, basic principles of anesthesia, advanced principles of anesthesia, anatomy and physiology.
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    I just took the exam and wanted to contribute to this site as it was helpful for me for advice. I studied morgan mikhail, hall book, and used the anesthesia hq review and their website for practice questions. They all prepared me well, plan to do the same next year and hope to score even better.
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    Anyone have any helpful info on what to focus on to study for the SEE exam?