Studying for the GRE for June/July test date, work night shift in MICU. Study time?

  1. I have been studying, preparing for the GRE since early March 2011. But since I started working night shift (7P-7A), 3 nights per week, in medical ICU, on March 28, 2011, I have temporarily stopped studying. Trying to adjust to the new "time," that is, the sleep/awake (...even when-to-eat...) cycle, has been challenging. Fortunately, I am beginning to adjust, and I must say, it's not that bad!

    Where I am concerned is that I want to get back into a consistent studying mode, like I was in prior to working night shift. However, I am still highly motivated and enthusiastic about my GRE preparation, espcially since I plan to take the actual test this June or July 2011 (may be, both months, depending on June scores), instead of preparing for, taking the "revised" version of the GRE, which will start in August 2011.

    Does anyone, or know anyone, with this similar experience, dilemma, that is, working night shift and preparing for a major admissions exam like the GRE?
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  3. by   pedimac
    I worked nights, and studied on my off days. I'd get off, go to bed, wake up around 3 pm, go get lunch and coffee, and sit for a couple of hours each day. Just like exercising, you have to make yourself do it a little every day.

    I didn't even study until after I scheduled my test. That way, I had a date on my calendar that was quickly approaching. Any motivation helps.
  4. by   genmac
    The routine you had for studying/reviewing on "off" days and after work is great advice. Even if I just started working the night shift and have never worked full-time nights, I can see how useful and effective it is to "do a little every day."

    Like you, I have heard many others mention how motivating and inspiring it is to study/prepare after scheduling for the test. Hopefully, I will be feeling like "this," since I will soon register to take the GRE for a June test date.

    Thanks, pedimac! :-)
  5. by   wannapassgas long did you study before taking your GRE?
  6. by   pedimac
    A little over a month. Just so much antediluvian language I can tolerate.
  7. by   SMAH
    When I was studying for the test, I found the practice tests very helpful and spent most of my studying time on those. Good Luck!
  8. by   MeTheRN
    Smart of you to do the old GRE, the new on is bound to have hiccups and things over the next few years of revision.

    My best advice would be to get the Princeton Review's Cracking the GRE book. It has an online component that gives you four free full length tests, and a very VERY handy study guide that tailors to the weeks you have left to study for the exam.

    Princeton also publishes a great GRE crash course book, it's less than 50 pages. It's great for picking up the tricks and applying it to the ETS POWERPREPP free testing software (which you can download for free from the ETS website).

    Good luck, and remember it's just a test. Oh and when you reach the experimental test portion, it'll tell you. Mine did, and I happily answered "A" for everything and quickly got the hell out of there!
  9. by   nondeterred
    hi genmac , i noticed your question up above. i have limited time also 2 study for the gre. hope the process wan't gruesome for you? how did you do?