Steps to become a CRNA?

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    I'm a RN and wants to be a CRNA. What are the steps should to become one? Is it true that I have to have experience as a Critical Care Nurse for a year or two to enter a nurse anesthetist school?

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    Use the search function and google for some other nurse anesthesia websites. There is lots of info out there. You have to do your due diligence and research it. It will take time; everyone's situation is unique - grades, experience, personality, interviewing skills, GRE score, etc. If you take the time to digest the info, you can make better decisions regarding your particular situation. The other question you have to answer for yourself is, "why do you want to be a CRNA?" You figure that out and thru your own research, you will be on your way.


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    The bare minimum requirements to apply to nurse anesthesia school is a BSN, a year or two of ICU/CCU/CVICU/SICU experience. Many schools require GRE and chemistry courses also. Great resources for US state school programs and career info on
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