St. Mary's University of Minnesota CRNA Interview

  1. 0 App deadline was April 1st. Any one received a letter yet?
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    Just recieved mine this am. Good Luck
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    I received my letter to interview yesterday also. I'm excited!! janelowe when are you selecting to interview and are u doing it in person or over the phone? I wonder what the interview consists of?
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    I was thinking about applying... j/w of all you that recieved interviews.... How many years of ICU did you have? GPA? other credentials?
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    I got rejected hoo...oh well I'm still a youngin, I guess I will reapply
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    PM me and I can answer your questions about St. Mary's CRNA Program.
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    I got my letter!!! My interview is scheduled for May, 21st. Do someone know what expected for the interview? Good luck guys!!!
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    Anybody know anymore about the style of this interview (personal/clinical) or the program?
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    Anyone received an acceptance/rejection letter yet?
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    Rec'd my acceptance letter today
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    Rec'd my acceptance letter today
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    I got my acceptance letter today!!! YAY!!! I got accepted on a "regular" basis. I'm so excited and nervous at the same time!
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