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App deadline was April 1st. Any one received a letter yet?... Read More

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    Well I received my letter interview three more schools to pray for. Good luck to the rest of you. I wish u well in your future endeavors
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    Sorry to hear this, but unfortunately I also received my rejection letter last night. Awww!!! Never felt so disappointed. In the next 2 weeks or so, UU will be sending letters out as well. I am not expecting any positive feedback there, but I will not stop trying to apply to other schools. Wish you all the best!!!!
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    Quote from ksjayhawks
    Well I received my letter interview three more schools to pray for. Good luck to the rest of you. I wish u well in your future endeavors
    Hey dont feel bad. i got mine too. Minnesota is too cold anyway!!
    Forget that place.

    i have CCRN, TNCC, nearly four years critical care experience and i
    graduated magna cum laude from nursing school... and rejected.

    some people will just not accept you no matter how hard you try.
    I have to believe this wasn't about me at all but some intangible
    quality there are looking for that I can't meet and it will suite me
    best to move on rather than waste anymore time.

    I do think my essay was weak and i have a prior degree
    in anthropology( i have a BA in anthropology and BSN in nursing)
    which as a catholic university might not
    be that appealing. I also had a 3.2 in my first degree
    with some holes in it.

    The advice I would give myself is to take some higher level
    science courses and apply again. But by the time I finish
    all of those fluff courses to make myself look good for applying,
    I could have just completed all my premed courses..which I
    am seriously considering at this point. AFter being in nursing
    for almost four years I see not only how badly nurses are
    treated by other people but worse how badly nurses treat
    each other and I think i have had enough.

    I will wait to see the results of the rest of my applications
    and re-evaluate.

    I consider this to be a blessing disguise. DON"T feel bad.
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    i got mine also, rejected. good luck to the rest
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    Received my letter interview as well.. Currently waiting on U of Miami, Duke U, & U of Alabama. Good luck to all of you!!! Hold on to the dream!
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    i cant believe we all got rejected. not one of us invited.
    definitely one of us will be accepted elsewhere. Good luck
    everyone. Will post here with updates!
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    i can't believe we all got rejected also. i got accepted to carribean med schools lol, this makes no sense.
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    ...Maybe you have to be from Minnesota..?!..
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    Jojieblue, I know you'll be accepted to at least one or more universities than you're hoping for. You definitely have all the qualifications desirable by any of these universities, but like what you said it's quite intriguing how SMU selected the applicants. You should pursue your dream of attending medical school, you're not far from that dream.....reach it. Will keep you posted, I plan to apply to 2 more schools. Wish you all the best in your endeavors!!!!
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    Sorry, i meant to address my last post to tahoe77. You should pursue your dream of attending medical school. You surely have all the qualifications. Goodluck.
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