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Anyone else here apply to SMU for the 2013 CRNA class?... Read More

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    Congrats also! I too got a letter in the mail today for an interview.

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    I was also invited to interview. I'm considering a phone interview since I live in Texas. Has anyone heard what the interview is like?
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    Congrats, I was also invited for an interview on April 30th. I'm doing a phone interview. I heard that the interview is actually very casual and short. Any one else hear anything about the interview process?
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    Nothing yet, i gues we will find out when we go, i live all the way out in NY but im prolly gonna go out there and do the in person interview
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    I also heard it was very casual. They want to make sure you would be a good fit into their program. I'm doing the interview in person later in May. Good luck to you guys
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    By doing a phone interview, I feel like I'll be selling myself short as they won't be able to put a name with a face. I also wonder if that will play into their decision. One would think it would.
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    A co worker of mine who also live in NY went out there, I honestly think that it's better for them to see you in person and see how you are in person. I just feel like it leave alot of ambiguity out there for them. And what if I did the phone interview and didn't get in. I dont wanna sit there and say to myself, oh crap well maybe I would have gotten in if I went out there. Nah, no regrets here.
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    True dat
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    You're probably right as far as going there in person for the interview. I myself though chose a phone interview. I wanted to get it done as soon as possible and with my current busy schedule and finances, it was the best option. Good luck to everyone on their interviews!!
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    I had btw 30-35 students in the class. They keep a few for alternates.

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