1. 1 Hey guys. Feel free to ask any questions about anything. I wish everyone the best of luck with their journey to CRNAville as well.

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    hello, im a lvn in texas, i really interested in furthering my education and my career, i know that i need a bsn and 1 year experience in icu before i can even apply to a crna program, any tips or any thing else i might need?
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    Hey! You are right you will need to first get your BSN and then your ICU experience. During school I would definitely focus on getting a good GPA. After graduation just focus on getting great clinical experience. Look at schools that you are interested because they all have slightly different requirements for admission. First priority though would be get good grades in undergrad and then obtain some great experience in the clinical setting as a nurse. Best of luck!
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    Thank you Iceman for starting this thread. Im in CRNA school right now and I hope its worth it in the end. Im kind of dissapointed to see that in most locations the residents do the blocks, which is what I am really interested in learning. Hopefully Ill be able to pick that up somehow. So, do you research on the schools as well-at this point Im leaning toward schools with no medical program..too late for me(
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    I actually looked for a school that was around some of my family members and that's a big reason why I chose Wolford College in Naples, FL. I was living in St. Louis but didn't have any family there so I was looking to move. Luckily Wolford is a CRNA only program so there is no medical program to really compete with in the local area. What program are you going to?
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    Iceman! How many years of ICU did you have before you applied? And how do you get recommendation letters from managers or directors if they hate having GN's get 2 or less years experience and just bounce?

    I'm about to start working soon and I would feel guilty not staying longer than 2-3 years...