Specialty Hospital ICU Experience

  1. How would experience at a specialty heart hospital ICU be viewed by ad comms for CRNA school? One that receives fresh hearts and other cardiothoracic/vascular surgeries?
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  3. by   Hobberdog
    I would like to know this as well. I graduate in May and I'm looking at a possible job at the same type of facility.
  4. by   TheguyRN
    Honestly CVICU is nice to have.

    Other factors
    1.) Small or big hospital?
    2.) GPA science and your nursing school
    3.) GRE scores
    4.) Just critcal thinking in general that comes with the job

    Everyone that applies will have ICU experience... It's what you learn and what you do with that experience that counts
  5. by   missnurse01
    I worked at two different specialty hospitals in my time, they were both heart hospitals. The first was surgeon owned and very small (10 beds?), he cherry picked his pt's they came out of the OR extubated and no one had swans. So that experience wasn't as in depth. The second was called a heart hospital, was a bit larger. Had 4 pods, maybe 20 or so beds each. On the ICU one we got the hearts and other VATS procedures, etc. We had all kinds of sick people here, so it was a great experience. I know one nurse that only worked at this type of facility and got in fine. So it depends on your pt population.
  6. by   Mully
    I had an interview at a heart transplant ICU in Houston a while back. From the way it sounded, the entire building was just dedicated to heart transplants! I ended up being offered the job I currently have first (level 1 trauma SICU) a lot closer to home, so I took it. I still kinda wonder what that job in Houston would've been like, but eh... no regrets.

    I agree with missnurse. If the patients are sickies, then yes. That means vents, pressors, invasive lines, procedures.. the ones that are trying to go to the light but you don't let them. The fun ones. That's your good experience. Otherwise, keep looking...