Someone from St. Mary's University of MN?

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    I've been accepted into the Nurse Anesthesia Program for 2011, and I'd like to know how time off/vacation works at St. Mary's during the classes and clinicals. Thanks!

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    You will start in the spring May-Aug have couple weeks off. Then classes go from Sept thru mid Dec. After first of the year restart 4 days class and 1 day clinical. Spring of the second yr, start clinicals with 1 day of class. Progressively more clinical hrs increase, less time off between breaks. Feel free to PM me. The program may have been modified since I attended.
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    Hey, I'm applying there right now for start 2012. How did you like the admissions process?
    Was the interview tough? I heard they have a more gentle interview process.
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    Hi, my interview was about five years ago. In the past, the admissions committee was the deciding factor. Recently, they found it was better to meet applicants before deciding on admission. I know that you will be interviewed by the director and or other faculty members. They want to get to know you, type of nsg experiences, your professional goals, and why you are a good fit. Tough questions will be whats your motivation to be a CRNA, why you think that you'll be successful, how supportive is your family (you will see them very little for two years)?; do you know what the job is like..have you shadowed anybody? Show you have done your homework.
    I experienced an interview years ago at MSA, the SMU interview was less intense. Go a make a good impression and have fun professionally.
    Feel free to pm me.
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    I have applied at SMU also for the 2012 start. Does anyone know how soon after the April 1st deadline do they contact qualified applicants for an interview?

    Eager to hear some news in Michigan, :-)
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    Several years ago, I had my interview in late April and received my acceptance letter around Father's Day.

    Good Luck,
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    Last year, I had my interview in 5/21 and got my acceptance letter in July. Good luck!
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    Skip, I noticed you are a veteran as well. I am applying to start in 2012 and noticed you are from the MN area. Are you familiar with the Nursing opportunities there in Minneapolis? If I'm accepted, my wife is also a CTICU RN and will be looking to relocate from the state of KS. Are the ICU opportunities limited?

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    Congratulations on your acceptance at St.Marys anesthesia program! There are many hospitals in the Twin Cities where your wife can work. Four major hospitals in the downtown area are Abbott-Northwest, Hennepin County Medical Center, Regions, and Fairview-University of MN. Abbott is where a majority of your clinicals will be. They do a large number of open heart surgeries daily. There are opportunities for per deim nursing through agencies, but you might have your wife take a FT or PT more for health insurance benefits.
    Good Luck,
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    Skip, not accepted yet. Although a positive attitude can go a long way. Thank you fr the information regarding employment opportunities for my wife as well. With you experience at SMU 5 years ago, do you feel you came into a welcoming environment? Did you feel like the faculty and clinical staff were there to invest there time with the goal in you becomming successfull in their program? Graduates from ther larger schools have made comments implying the student is just a number and attrition rate is high. The faculty at SMU has been extrordinarily welcoming thus far, but its always good to hear it from an indiviual with personal experience.

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