Rural vs. Large for 1st CRNA job

  1. I am currently getting ready to start clinical in August after completing one year of didactic in CRNA school. I will graduate in December of 2011 and wanted some advice from current CRNAs and soon to graduate SRNAs! What are your recommendations for the first position one takes out of CRNA school. My husband and I are planning to eventually return to a rural community that he grew up in. Does starting out as a rural CRNA not provide me with enough experience during my first year or so out of CRNA school? Would I be better off pursuing a career at a larger more metro hospital or does it matter? Thanks for the advice and comments! Anything is welcome!
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  3. by   medic7577
    That will all depend on you as a person and clinician, as well as your school and how well it prepares you. Also, it will depend on the makeup of the practice you enter (whether or not there is someone there to mentor you - whether CRNA or MDA). I know its not a very good answer, but it is the answer I was given by a very well respected and very pro CRNA anesthesiologist about 4 days ago when I asked the same question.

    Good Luck!!