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  1. Hi everyone!~
    I am curently considering a career in anesthesia. I went over my transcripts today and... my grades are all over the place. My first undergrad grades cumulative is around 2.83. then i took a look at my junior college transcript grades and they are all over the place.. I took pre-calculus in 1999 at the junior college and got an F. I retook it at my college and got a B. when i started my prereqs in 2005 I took anatomy and received an F, but retook it and got a B. but i did well in my nursing school accelerated BSN classes... i think i have a 3.7 or so...
    so do these CRNA schools take the average of the two grades, or do they take the most recent grade?? and when they look at undergrad grades, are they looking at my undergrad grades from my previous major, or solely my nursing school BSN grades... or do they also look at my junior college days. oh boy...
    can someone tell me if they're in a similar situation and have gotten accepted into school, or if anyone knows anything about how these admissions people look at the transcript.
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  3. by   OSURN
    the colleges will look at whatever transcripts you send them, they will take the most recent grades from the classes you retook, if you dont need to send them the transcripts from where you had bad grades ( these classes had nothing to do with your BSN or they are not requirements for the graduate program) then I just wouldn't send them and I dont think they will ever know about them.... hope this helps.
  4. by   bmobSRNA2015
    You have to send all your college transcripts to whatever school you apply. Many schools even state on the application that it is academic dishonesty if you don't send all your transcripts. I would suggest making sure that all your science grades are high. If you got a low grade in a science course ... retake it! That is what has been suggested to me. If you want to get into CRNA school retaking some science courses will likely help you be more successful in the program anyways. Talk to admissions advisors and ask them to tell you what to do to make your chances better. Let them know you are serious and want it and will do what you need to in order to be a great candidate!!