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    I was wondering if anyone could given me some information about the University of Pittsburgh CRNA interview process. I have a December interview date and was just wondering if anyone has had any experience with Pitt.

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    This is a list of questions I came across when I was prepping for CRNA interview questions..This is a small list of their questions..

    1)Why Pittsburgh? What do you like about us?
    2) If you were doing this interview, what would you ask a potential applicant?
    3) What do you consider to be your greatest personal accomplishment?
    4) How do you learn best?
    5) If a colleague is addicted to drugs and it's evident that it's affecting their work, what would you do?
    6) What do you think would be the biggest struggle you would have in going through this program?
    7) If a patient remembers everything during surgery and tells you about it afterwards, how do you explain that to them? How would you handle their experience?
    8) What pressors do you use?
    9) Are you familiar with neuromuscular blockade? What drugs?
    10) A patient received Zosyn and started having high peak pressures, what do you think happened?

    You catch a co-worker doing something dishonest. what did you do
    2). You & a MD disagreed on how to manage a pt's care. what did you do
    3). obviously, why do you want to be a crna
    4). do you plan on working through school
    5). you maybe didn't take right approach to managing a pt's care & what lessons you learned from it..

    Hope this helps.. Goodluck
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    I'm interviewing at Pitt next week. Does anyone have any words of wisdom for the interview process?
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    Anyone is due for Pitt interview in Nov 2012..
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    Yes, a coworker and I are interviewing at Pitt on the 30th. What's up?

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    Ryan Presby CTICU?
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    Yeah, that's me. Vlad?
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    Did any of you hear back from Pitt yet? For a 2013/2014 admission?
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    Not yet. I remember when I interviewed in November they said probably this coming week we would hear something. Fingers crossed!! Anyone please update if you have rec'd an acceptance call from Pitt!
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    Im also still waiting as of 0900 2/26/13

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