PICU experience for DNP-A program

  1. I thought I would ask although I havent even graduated yet. Im in an accellerated BSN program that finishses in August. I am hoping to get a job at an level 1 trauma ICU or a large childrens hospital in the area. I have built a small network and know a few people at the childrens hospital so I think I should be able to land the PICU job. Im not a 100% on the level 1 trauma ICU job.

    I really like the PICU especial the CV portion. Another issue I have is age and I need to get the correct experience quickly and move forward and not stale

    With that being said I have an email into the program director but have not heard back yet.

    So would going the PICU route be a mistake or do you know people that have succeded with PICU experience.

    Thanks for your time.
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  3. by   ckh23
    Depends on the program. Just keep in mind that most of the anesthesia is delivered to the adult population and you have to deal with the co-morbidity you wouldn't see in a peds population, like CAD.

    In my opinion, given the two choices, I would go with the TICU for the experience. I'm not saying that PICU experience is bad, in fact several of my classmates only have PICU experience in a large hospital, but I think the TICU experience will give you the best bang for your buck when it comes to experience for school.