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  1. Hi.I've been looking for affordable online chem class in order to take organic chem. I got c on chem in the nursing school so I like to retake it before I take oranic chem. That was more than 6 years ago. I can't remember any of chem. I finally found iowa community college online consortium.
    They have college chem(151,152) and general chem(166,176). I was going to take general chem becuase general chem is higher level that college chem but they only offer gen chem 1 via online. I don't want to finish half of a book here and half book there.
    Can I take college chem in order to get a good grade on organic chem? Or taking general chem is better?
    Do you know any affordable online chem. New Englnd and OSU are so expensive.
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  3. by   SRNA4U
    University of California at Berkley has an online General Chemistry, Organic Chem, and Biochem course online. I took the General Chem and the Biochem course. They were really good. Got a B out of them both. There is a univerity in New England that has an online organic chem course as well but I can't remember the name.
  4. by   CRNA4mee
    Oregon state has an online organic chem course. Good luck.
  5. by   bloomRN
    I know Weber State in Utah offers some online Chemistry Courses. Unfortunately, I do not know how much they cost or of one of them is Organic Chem or not.