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Hello all, I am thinking of taking a graduate-level pharmacology or advanced pathophysiology course this summer in preparation for applying to CRNA school in the future. I've looked through the forums here and have used... Read More

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    I would like information on who to contact as I am trying to get this class online as well. Thanks.

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    I would love to get some information regarding an online patho class for this summer if you have any insight on one.

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    Do you have any more insight about Liberty University?
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    Did you get any information regarding who to contact? If so email me please.

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    Can you please email on how to enroll in UofM and provide more information regarding this school? I want to take patho and pharm.

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    Hi, how did you enjoy the courses you took at Liberty Universty. I was wondering if you could give me some insights regarding the courses?
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    Quote from Pinchas
    If anybody is prior military (like me ), Liberty University only charges $250/credit hour plus they give you a book voucher based on the number of credit hours you are taking!!

    Check out the following link: LU Military Benefits | Liberty University Online
    Hey thank you for this tip. The GI Bill certainly got me through undergrad education but it sure did run dry at the end. Everyone loves cheap education!!

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    Hi all,

    I just wanted to hear reviews on who took advanced patho and pharm at the University of Memphis..Thanks
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    u of wyoming has an online pathophysiology course too. looks not too bad.
    am going to take this summer.
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    Can someone give me more info on what it takes to register for the online advanced patho or pharm class at Univ of memphis. It looked like you have to be in the masters program to take it. I just want to take the two classes over the next year without applying to the FNP program. any help is appreciated, also what is the tuition like?



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